College Counseling

As we know and love each student, the Office of College Counseling strives to find the college that best fits every one of our students.


As a college preparatory school, Boston Trinity expects each graduate to attend a four-year college. As our students progress through the Upper School, they complete a comprehensive program of college counseling, designed to assist them through the often intimidating process of college admission.


The Office of College Counseling guides students in finding and applying to colleges and universities that are a good match for their particular interests and strengths. Our college counseling program includes SAT preparation, guidance through the application process, and financial aid advice.


Colleges from across New England, the United States, and even overseas come to visit Boston Trinity, giving students the opportunity to meet and talk with representatives of a broad variety of institutions of higher education. High-achieving students attend Ivy League schools and top liberal arts colleges.


Our graduates regularly report how well their Boston Trinity education prepared them for the rigor of college academics. After anticipating the demands of higher education, our graduates are pleased to find that they already have the skills they need to succeed.

College Counseling Team

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Peter Petite

Co-Director of College Counseling

Shoshanna Pucci

Faculty, Co-Director of College Counseling