Dr. Michael Chen Endowment for the Trinity Institute

“Thank you, Mike, for helping us all to look beyond ourselves and to see God’s world in its beauty and in its brokenness. Thank you for calling us to action and empowering students and teachers alike to be the hands and feet of Christ.”

– Steve Stasson, Former Faculty


The Dr. Michael Chen Endowment for the Trinity Institute was created to honor and continue the legacy of the founding Director of the Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice. For eleven years, Dr. Michael Chen inspired students and faculty to believe in the power of youth to change the world. He created a culture of justice-minded student-leaders who actively seek God’s redemption and restoration in our world. Dr. Chen first came to Boston as a prospective doctoral student. Despite a preference to attend Columbia University or University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Chen chose to attend Boston University when he saw the passion and vision of Boston Trinity Academy. He founded the Trinity Institute three years later, establishing a vision he had grown with students over many lunchtime conversations.



Today, the Trinity Institute is impacting people around the world as students grow in their leadership, activism, and concern for God’s heart for a beautiful, yet broken, world. Students’ eyes are opened to the world through student-led action groups, like Project Freedom, BTA Green, The 84 Movement, and the Micah Conference; international service trips to Nepal; and school-wide initiatives like Boston Day, J-Term, May Term, and the Senior Synthesis and Symposium. The Endowment provides ongoing funding for the Trinity Institute. In this way, future generations of students can continue to be challenged to find the place where their deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.


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