Upper School Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Department presents the biblical narrative as the defining story for human life.


The Middle School curriculum focuses on biblical literacy, particularly the central themes of the Old and New Testaments and the revelation of God in the person of Jesus.


The Upper School curriculum reviews these themes, presents theological conclusions and implications, and explores the skills and insights necessary to build a spiritual and ethical life. Being rooted in the tradition of liberal arts education, Boston Trinity Academy believes it is important for students to not only learn various disciplines, but to be able to see their interconnectedness.


Students can then synthesize various streams of thought to better understand a topic and find more meaningful solutions. To facilitate this way of thinking, most of the upper school Biblical Studies courses are woven together with the English and History courses.


The curriculum culminates in the Senior Symposium, in which students produce a well-researched and thoughtfully argued analytical paper on a pressing academic, ethical, or social issue, accompanied by an oral defense before a panel of guest scholars.