Life at Boston Trinity

Don’t just be shaped by what you learn.

Be shaped by those with whom you learn.


The community at Boston Trinity Academy is life-changing. Central to the Boston Trinity experience is the people – the friends, classmates, and teachers that make Boston Trinity what it is. But they don’t just shape the school.


This community shapes each student.


When it’s all said and done, not only will you be changed by what you learn, but the people you learn from and the people you learn with will shape the person you become.


A United Community


A multitude of perspectives. One life-changing community.


Boston Trinity Academy is truly diverse, but also truly united.

Our common pursuit of excellence, faith, service, and character unites us across differences of race, status, gender, neighborhoods, and faith backgrounds.


Students learn from each other’s perspectives.

They learn to respect each other, even in disagreements.


They make friends with others who don’t look like them. Ultimately, they are supremely prepared to engage with a diverse world and global economy.



Caring for One Another


Every student, known and loved.


At Boston Trinity Academy, we actually love and care for one another. Part of our mission is that every student would be known and loved, based on the love Jesus Christ has for each of us.


Our faculty strives to make sure that every student is supported academically and personally. Our advisory system pairs each student with a faculty advisor who knows what is going on in their academic and personal lives and offers guidance and support each step of the way.


Students care for each other and push one another to greater achievements, rather than competing to get ahead at someone else’s expense.



Enjoying Life Together


Some fun along the way.

Students not only love and care for each other – often across societal differences. They also actually like each other a lot.


Friendships form that last far beyond graduation. Through classroom discussion, performances, clubs, athletics, and house competitions, a lot of fun happens at Boston Trinity.


While we never relent in our pursuit of excellence, there is always room for memories along the way.