Middle School Academics

Boston Trinity Middle School students are known and loved by their teachers, and come together in a safe and joyful learning community.


Student workload increases gradually from sixth to eighth grade, equipping students to enter the Upper School prepared to manage time well and prioritize the options offered them in Boston Trinity’s first-rate high school program. Classroom teachers and faculty advisors help students learn how to maintain a healthy balance between academics, sports, and life outside school.


Small class sizes and teachers that specialize in their disciplines allow students to receive individualized support where needed. Afterschool homework labs and subject-specific tutoring support Middle School students who need additional help. The Middle School curriculum emphasizes fundamental skills such as grammar usage, essay writing, and public speaking, with the goal of enabling students to think deeply, ask thoughtful questions and discern what is good and true.



Course of Study

Full course descriptions may be found in the departmental subpages below.


Tracked Courses



With the exception of mathematics courses, students are not tracked into specific courses based on ability. Because of the sequential nature of the subject material, students must be proficient in preceding courses in order to advance in mathematics courses.