Theatre Arts

The dramatic arts, essential to a well-rounded liberal arts education, enable students to explore the human condition through embodying a character, idea or story and through collaborating with others to communicate a shared vision.


The pressure of public performance wonderfully focuses the attention on learning the discipline and on building an ensemble. Such face-to-face work is vital for students who increasingly encounter a world mediated through screens. It cultivates self-understanding, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-expression such that one is free to encounter the Other with sympathy, creativity, and courage.


In the 2023-2024 year, the Drama program at Boston Trinity Academy put on two productions: The Giver and Hamlet. You can view photos from these productions below.




Theatre Arts Faculty

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Bernadette Bague

International Student Coordinator, Faculty

Sara Belk

Arts Department Chair, Theatre Arts Director, Faculty

Norah Foraker

Registrar, Middle School Student Support Coordinator, Faculty