Upper School Science

The Science Department at Boston Trinity Academy works to increase students’ scientific knowledge, while also encouraging them to develop the ability to think critically and creatively.


Teachers emphasize the skills and habits that enable students to pursue a more complex understanding of the world around them as seen through the lens of physics, chemistry, and biology.


Students study the latest scientific evidence and theory along with the practical applications that allow them to grow in the Christian principles of working for the common good and being good stewards of the natural world.


All Upper School students are required to take three lab sciences: 9th grade Biology, 10th grade Chemistry, and either Conceptual Physics or AP Physics I. Students may also elect to take AP Biology, AP Chemistry or AP Environmental Science.


These Advanced Placement course options prepare students for the rigors of collegiate-level science and give them the opportunity to explore the possibilities for careers in science.

* Students are required to take either Conceptual Physics or AP Physics 1 in their junior or senior year.