Spiritual Life

Going Deeper Together


All students at Boston Trinity attend weekly chapel, and additional spiritual growth opportunities are abundant, varied, and enthusiastically student-led. The Spiritual Life Council members oversee the mid- week Bible study, the weekly prayer at lunch, and the monthly Fire Night prayer and worship meeting, as well as encouraging new student initiatives. Faculty offer our residential students rides to local churches, often followed by a friendly lunch.


Students have numerous opportunities to go deeper in their faith through prayer, scripture study, and worship. In addition to weekly chapel services, students may choose to join one of several spiritual life clubs:






Lionhearts is a spiritual life club where young men challenge and sharpen one another in their faith through weekly prayer and scripture study.


Lady Lionhearts


Lady Lionhearts meets weekly and is a place for young women to share life, study scripture, and explore how to live their faith out in their lives.


International Bible Study


International Bible Study is an opportunity for international students and domestic students alike to explore the basics of Christianity from a fresh global perspective.


Fire Nights


As explained above, students have the opportunity to strengthen their faith through Chapel services, weekly lunchtime prayer meetings, and Lionhearts. A fairly new endeavor is Fire Nights, an entirely student-led after-school worship experience. Abby Hill ’24, the Trinity Institute Prefect, shares, “Fire Nights gives students the ability to seek the face of God in a way many had never done before, allowing them to experience His presence and be impacted tangibly by the Holy Spirit.”


For several students, this has been a life-changing experience. Eric Xiao ’23 was not a Christian, but his friends invited him to Fire Nights after he joined in a pre-show prayer before an Oliver Twist performance. Eric says, “When my friend Andrew prayed for me with his hands on my shoulder, I felt as though I was not alone anymore. And I saw more possibilities for my life through the Fire Nights.”