A Commitment to a Shared Vision




Boston Trinity Academy students share a uniform dress code that represents a commitment to a shared vision. By standardizing our dress code, students gain a shared sense of communal learning, and students are freed to focus on academics and community, rather than what to wear. On special days throughout the year, students have the opportunity to both dress up and dress down as well as dress for specific themes and spirit days.

You have numerous options for purchasing school uniforms. Boston Trinity Academy has preselected all uniform items, which can be purchased from designated online outlets. To view and order these items, you must identify Boston Trinity Academy as your school or input our provided school number on your chosen uniform site. If you’re a new user on these sites, you may need to set up an account to facilitate your purchases.



All school uniform items must be purchased from one of three approved vendors:



Regular and bow ties can be purchased at the Front Office.