Why BTA?

1. Transformation

Boston Trinity Academy prepares students to lead lives of faith, integrity and service.


Whether pursuing a leadership opportunity, competing on the athletic field, or honing a passion, our students’ lives are transformed in deeply meaningful ways.



Isaiah Perkins ’18

2. Academic Challenge

We have a 99.9% college acceptance rate.

Our graduates are prepared for the rigors of college academics, and they’re thriving at the university level.


Take a moment to view our College Acceptances.



Senior Symposium

3. Finding Purpose

When faith and learning serves others, then that education can be truly transformative.


Dylan Balla-Elliot ’15 shares, “Boston Trinity taught me that my purpose is where what I love, what I’m good at, and what the world needs, all come together. And I know that my life has been changed by that.”



Dylan Balla-Elliot '15

4. Nurturing Middle School

To be known and loved provides students with a sense of security and an excellent foundation and preparation for Upper School.


Our Middle School education provides academic challenge in the context of a caring environment.


Our faculty come alongside our middle school students to help them focus on fundamental skills, organization and self advocacy.



Middle School Reflections