Middle School World Languages

Latin and ESL

World language education is an essential part of the curriculum at Boston Trinity Academy. The study of languages engages students in communication, whether it be face-to- face, in writing, or across the centuries through the reading of authentic literature. Students at Boston Trinity Academy study Latin in grades 7 and 8. While Latin is no longer the spoken language of any one country, we believe there are four main reasons why the study of Latin is beneficial for all students.


  • First, Latin provides a foundation upon which to build future language acquisition. Learning concepts such as tenses, case, number, and gender helps students master modern foreign languages like French and Spanish.

  • Second, knowledge of Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes enables students of English literature to understand words that might otherwise be unfamiliar to them.

  • Third, the study of Latin teaches students to develop skills such as logic, analysis, memorization and the willingness to think independently, all important tools for future academic success.

  • Last but not least, Latin exposes students to the fascinating culture of the ancient Romans, and helps them to appreciate the huge impact of antiquity on the modern world.


    The foundation provided by Latin in Boston Trinity Academy’ middle school enables students to study all subjects more profitably in the high school: languages, humanities and sciences. Students can continue to learn Latin in the upper school. Please see our upper school Latin offerings under the Upper School World Languages section.