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“My years at BTA showed me what a community could feel like.”


Alexandra Mamalakis ‘14,

Founder and Executive Director – Stamp of Sunshine 



Meet Alexandra Mamalakis, one of our awesome Alumni from BTA’s Class of 2014. For Alexandra, Boston Trinity Academy wasn’t just a school—it was a place where she found belonging, care, and the encouragement to strive for her best every day. Now, a decade since graduating, she holds an MSW degree and serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Stamp of Sunshine, a non-profit dedicated to spreading joy and connection through snail-mail pop-ups.


Based in Chicago, she runs local pop-up events, through which she has successfully sent over 2,700 heartfelt cards since January 2023. “This passion project started as a hobby last year, and officially became a non-profit in the state of Illinois six months ago,” Alexandra explains. The impact of her organization has been undeniable since then, and she credits her time at BTA as a significant factor in its mission and success. “With Stamp of Sunshine, my hope is that if people receive an unexpected handwritten card in the mail from someone who took the time to think of them, they might feel a little more loved and cared for,” she reflects.


BTA was more than just a school for Alexandra—it was a transformative space where she grew in love and compassion, laying the groundwork for her mission with Stamp of Sunshine. “I was filled with love there, so I could then go out and love others,” she reflects.


Since last May, she has introduced in-flight pop-ups, resulting in over 25 uplifting events in the air! “It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness the faith in humanity, as passengers take a moment to write postcards during flights or pause their morning routine to send a heartfelt letter to someone special.” While she currently oversees the in-person Chicago pop-ups, her co-founder, Nina, manages operations in Boston. “You’re all welcome to join us at any local Boston events!” Alexandra warmly invites.


We are extremely proud of Alex and her organization and the impact she is making in the world today. We are excited to see the many ways our alumni, who like Alex, are leading lives exemplified by the values of faith, integrity, and service. Be sure to follow Stamp of Sunshine: @stampofsunshine ​​☀️


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 “I am here today because BTA didn’t give up on me”


reflects Paul Park ’11,

PhD Candidate – Harvard Medical School



In this Alumni highlight, we meet Paul Park ’11, whose journey embodies the essence of being rooted in faith, integrity, and service. Paul’s story began with turbulence, struggling through school to the point of almost getting expelled. Reflecting on this as one of his lowest moments, Paul shares, “The reason why I got in so much trouble was because I had no purpose. I thought life was meaningless, and my life was meaningless. Everything just seemed meaningless.”


During a pivotal church retreat in college, Paul’s faith collided with revelation. Wrestling with his purpose, he cried out to God, seeking guidance. In a moment of profound clarity, a stranger approached, offering words of solace and assurance, ‘I am with you now, in the past, and in the future. I love you,’ as if a vessel of God’s grace. At that moment, Paul’s perspective changed. He realized that God had been leading him the entire time.


Paul continued to grow in his faith from his experience from the retreat, attributing his transformation to the unwavering support of his BTA mentors, including BTA Math Teacher, Ms. Jen Wan, and former Director of the Trinity Institute, Dr. Mike Chen. Their steadfast presence and commitment to Paul’s holistic well-being, rooted in the values of faith, integrity, and service, laid the foundation for his success.


“I’m grateful to BTA because it’s a Christian school. All the people at BTA cared for me and cared about my well-being and my future. They were there for me, no matter how bad I was, and I am here today because BTA didn’t give up on me,” reflects Paul.


Today, Paul is a PHD candidate at Harvard Medical School, where he is conducting cancer research. At Boston Trinity Academy, students are nurtured through the values of faith, integrity, and service, shaping tomorrow’s leaders who, like Paul, impact and change the world. Paul’s journey reminds us that faith, integrity, and service are not just principles but guiding lights paving the way to greatness. Watch his incredible story here.


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Watch his incredible story
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“I am grateful for the foundation and opportunities BTA provided me.” 


says“Jojo” Chalumeau ’22, 

 Babson College Basketball Standout 



“After my years at BTA, faith, integrity, and service have become the guiding principles in my life,” Jojo reflects. For Jojo, basketball wasn’t just a game—it was a dream. Despite the dwindling likelihood of playing at the collegiate level, Jojo leaned on faith to trust God’s plan for his journey. “The path God had for me was different from what I anticipated,” Jojo acknowledges. “But I trusted it wholeheartedly.”


Facing the reality of not being recruited out of high school, Jojo embraced the uncertainty and pursued a walk-on spot. “It was mentally challenging to keep chasing something uncertain,” Jojo admits. “But my faith propelled me to believe in my abilities and to trust the journey God had for me.” Jojo’s unwavering integrity kept him true to himself amidst challenges. “My integrity reminded me to stay true to myself,” Jojo reflects. “Even when faced with obstacles, I knew I had to remain steadfast in my principles.”


Today, Jojo is a two-time conference champion playing for Babson College. He attributes his success to the support he received from BTA’s coaching staff and faculty. “I am grateful for the foundation and opportunities BTA provided me,” Jojo emphasizes. In giving back to his BTA community, Jojo exemplifies the value of service. “I made it a priority to give back by being an outlet for players and offering my time to help BTA’s basketball program,” Jojo says.


We are so proud of you Jojo! We can’t wait to see how your future unfolds. We will always be cheering for you from the sidelines.


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“BTA shaped the trajectory of my life.” 


shares Daniel Howard ’11,

Doctor of Physical Therapy (Candidate)



Daniel Howard, hailing from BTA’s Class of 2011, is a true testament to the values of faith, integrity, and service (the pillars of our mission)!  Daniel’s career path initially led him working at BTA as a sixth grade-teacher’s aide while coaching MIT’s men’s basketball team, a journey he passionately pursued for seven years. Shortly after tying the knot with his wife Gracie in 2019, he found himself at a crossroads with his career trajectory as he notes in his own words, “Being on the road, two days a week, and in the office until 10 PM did not allow me to be the husband and future father that I hope to be.”


Faced with this soul-searching realization, Daniel made the courageous decision to step away from the familiar and embrace the unknown. He recounts, “After three months of prayer and soul-searching, I asked God to show me what would bring him joy.” Little did Daniel know, this prayer would set him on a transformative path—one that would redefine his purpose and shape his future.


That night, he had a dream that he was a physical therapist, and he woke up at 4 AM with his mind racing with excitement. Transitioning from this pivotal moment of self-discovery, Daniel embarked on a new path, to become a doctor of physical therapy. Tackling the challenges of prerequisite courses and extensive observation hours, he remained steadfast, acknowledging, “It felt daunting, but God was faithful through it all.


Today, Daniel is pursuing his dream of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Duke University. Alongside his wife Gracie, he has discovered a supportive community and a sense of purpose that echoes the values of faith, integrity and service, instilled in him during his time at BTA.


Congratulations to Daniel! His journey continues to exemplify the values of faith, integrity, and service, and we are immensely proud of all that has been accomplished and continues to unfold.


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