International Students Program

Welcome to Boston Trinity Academy's International Student Program!

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey of Growth, Learning, and Multicultural Engagement

Founded in 2002, Boston Trinity Academy offers a unique blend of rigorous education, Christian values, and vibrant American experiences for middle and high school students from around the world. Are you ready for an enriching academic and spiritual adventure in the heart of Boston?

Why Choose Boston Trinity Academy?

  1. Values-Driven Christian Education: As a non-denominational Christian school, we foster an environment where faith informs learning, character development, and community life.

  2. Academic Excellence: Engage in our challenging curriculum with stimulating classwork, interactive discussions, and collaborative projects that inspire and prepare you for future success.


  3. Prime Location: Experience life on a campus close to vibrant downtown Boston, offering countless opportunities for cultural immersion and exploration.


  4. Diverse Community: Join our welcoming international community, where you’ll interact with peers from around the world, broadening your perspective and fostering empathy and appreciation for differences.


  5. Character Development: Be encouraged to approach life with intentionality and engagement, developing open-mindedness, compassion, and a sense of responsibility to your community.


  6. Exciting Co-Curriculars: Participate in our expansive line-up of fun and engaging activities that complement your academic journey.


  7. Flexible Options: Choose between our short-term and long-term programs to suit your educational goals.