The Athletics program at Boston Trinity complements students' classroom experience, fostering strong character marked by integrity. Our dedicated coaches encourage a spirit of teamwork and mutual support, and instill focus and determination.

The result: multiple championships in multiple sports, won by players who are example to others.

At the Middle School level, we emphasize learning the skills of the game in a safe yet challenging environment. In the Upper School, we cultivate teamwork, perseverance, and leadership.

The Boston Trinity Lions and Lady Lions play with grit and passion. They play to win, but with an attitude of humility and effort; they encounter defeat with grace and consider it an opportunity to improve. Our students are recognized for how well they carry themselves on and off the field or court, exemplifying true sportsmanship. Our boys' and girls' teams have won many championships, yet challenge themselves continually to improve.

Every Boston Trinity student, both in the Middle School and in the Upper School, takes part in our athletics program as part of a well-rounded education. We have three sports seasons each year and some students participate actively in all three.

Boston Trinity offers the following sports:

Middle School Sports

  • Fall
    • Soccer: Boys, Girls
    • Cross-country: Co-ed
  • Winter
    • Basketball: Boys
  • Spring
    • Baseball: Boys
    • Tennis: Co-ed

Note: Middle School students are eligible to try out for Varsity teams

Upper School Sports

  • Fall
    • Soccer: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, Boys JV, Girls JV
    • Cross-country: Co-ed
  • Winter
    • Basketball: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, Boys JV
  • Spring
    • Baseball: Boys Varsity
    • Softball: Girls Varsity
    • Lacrosse: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity
    • Tennis: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity


Boston Trinity is a member of NEPSAC, the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council, competing in the following leagues:

  • Boys: Massachusetts Bay Independent League (MBIL)
  • Girls: Girls Independent League (GIL)

Recent Boston Trinity Team Accomplishments

  • 2014: NEPSAC, Class D-1, Boys Basketball Champions
  • 2014: MBIL, A Division, Basketball Champions
  • 2013: GIL Soccer Champions
  • 2013: MBIL, A Division, Basketball Champions
  • 2013: MBIL Baseball Champions
  • 2012: MBIL, A Division, Basketball Champions
  • 2012: GIL Basketball Champions
  • 2011: GIL Basketball Champions
  • 2010: GIL Soccer Champions
  • 2010: NEPSAC, Class D-1, Boys Basketball Champions
  • 2010: NEPSAC, Class E, Girls Basketball Runners-Up
  • 2010: MBIL, A Division, Basketball Champions
  • 2010: GIL Basketball Champions
  • 2009: MBIL, B Division, Lacrosse Champions
  • 2009: MBIL, A Division, Basketball Champions
  • 2008: MBIL, B Division, Soccer Champions
  • 2008: NCSAA, Division 2, Boys Basketball Champions
  • 2008: MBIL, A Division, Basketball Champions
  • 2007: MBIL, B Division, Soccer Champions