Tuition & Financial Aid

It is a central part of Boston Trinity's mission to admit students from all backgrounds and so we encourage all students to apply regardless of their family's ability to pay the full cost of tuition. Over half of our student body receives at least some financial aid as we seek to welcome all qualified applicants to our school.

Tuition for the 2016-17 academic year is $17,800. Supplemental fees are listed below:

  • $350 activities fee for all students
  • $200 new student fee
  • $100 college prep fee for juniors/seniors
  • $125 graduation fee for seniors

Additional costs for uniform, books, and sports equipment are kept as low as possible to reduce the financial burden for families.

Applying for Financial Aid

All financial aid decisions made by our Financial Aid Committee are based on demonstrated need according to the information provided on the financial aid application. Families receive notification of the amount of financial aid awarded at the time that they receive confirmation of their student's acceptance to the school.

Boston Trinity partners with SSS (School & Student Services) by NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) to administer the financial aid application process. Families must complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) and submit all appropriate documentation including tax forms.

To begin your application for financial aid, please visit the SSS Website for Parents.

The SSS website has clear instructions to guide you through the process of applying for financial aid, but if you would like additional help please contact our Office of Admission either by:

The deadline for submission of the financial aid application is February 7. Applications received after this date will be considered as remaining financial aid resources allow.