Student Advising

Teacher with Advisees

At Boston Trinity Academy the connections a student develops with a teacher in the classroom extend beyond the confines of the academic wing of the building. Each BTA student has a faculty advisor who not only teaches, but also nurtures, encourages and guides a small group of students through the school year.

Faculty Advisors:

  • Meet with student advisees twice weekly either as a group or individually
  • Listen to student concerns
  • Advocate for students
  • Support students as they face challenges at school and elsewhere
  • Mentor students

Advisors also routinely connect with families to support them during their student’s time at Boston Trinity Academy. Advisors help field questions, guide families through school processes and administration, and collaborate with them to find ways to best support their student. The advisory system at Boston Trinity allows us to create a comprehensive educational community that includes students, faculty, and parents.