Spiritual Life & Chapel

Boston Trinity Academy is founded on the premise that Christian faith and knowledge are complementary, not contradictory, and that theological exploration and spiritual growth are essential to the development of an individual’s mind, body, and soul.

Boston Trinity Academy students are asked life’s tough questions across the disciplines. We challenge our students to question each other, their teachers, and themselves. What do you believe? What are the intellectual arguments for faith? Why do some claim science and faith are at odds? What is the role of religion in your life and in the world? We want our students to discuss these questions and consider their implications with people who care deeply not only about the questions but also about the students themselves.

While all faculty and trustees ascribe to a nondenominational Christian statement of faith, students come from many different faith backgrounds and in some cases have no religious experience. In a school with a distinct Christian faith:

  • All students participate in biblical studies classes that examine the Bible from historical, spiritual, and theological perspectives.
  • Upper school courses examine other topics including world religions, ethics, and apologetics.
  • Students and faculty attend weekly chapel services that are organized primarily by students.
  • Bible studies further challenge young people to lead lives of integrity reflective of their faith.

Chapel is a time set apart from the hectic nature of daily school life that allows faculty and students to come together for a time of biblical teaching, religious contemplation, and corporate worship. Pastors, community leaders, faculty members, and fellow students are invited to address the community. The student chapel bands also lead the group in singing contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns.