One of Boston Trinity Academy's core values is to be a school as diverse as the city of Boston itself. Our students reflect an increasingly global society and create a vibrant and dynamic culture that fills our classrooms and hallways.

  • More than half our students live in the city of Boston, while many travel from a wide-range of greater Boston communities including Cambridge, Chelsea, Dedham, Newton, Revere, and Wellesley.
  • The ethnic demographics of our students are 35% white, 30% black, 19% Asian, 10% Latino, and 3% multi-racial, 2% Middle Eastern, and 1% Native American.
  • 14% are international students coming from countries such as China, Korea, Serbia, and Finland.
  • 32% of our students speak a language other than English at home.

Such varied perspectives enrich the learning in class discussions as well as at lunch, on the athletic fields, and after school. This aspect of Boston Trinity Academy's community prepares students to relate to, listen to, and engage with, the world at large.

As a school for the city and suburbs of Boston, Boston Trinity Academy's community and program are designed to cross demographic lines. We are a school seeking to dismantle the socioeconomic and ethnic segregation prevalent in many schools today. Here, students from economically and ethnically dissimilar neighborhoods are unified in their desire to achieve academically, athletically, and spiritually.