Co-curricular Activities

At Boston Trinity, education is not confined to the classroom. Co-curricular activities allow our students to explore their passions, cultivate leadership skills and learn teamwork. Every student is required to play one sport each year and complete one arts credit before they graduate. Visit our Athletics page and our Arts page to learn more about these programs.

Service to others is an integral component of our school’s mission. Our students are encouraged to ask the question, “ Who is my neighbor?”, as they serve their community. The Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice at Boston Trinity Academy, allows students to channel their passion for others into tangible action. Students can apply to the Trinity Institute’s internship program and also get involved with various project groups focused on issues such as human trafficking, environmental injustice, and homelessness in Boston. Visit the Trinity Institute page to learn more.

Other co-curricular activities at Boston Trinity include the Yearbook committee, Student Council, and the International Club.