Curricular Philosophy

At Boston Trinity Academy we hope that every student will discover a great vision for life and learn to find joy in their studies for the creative possibilities they present. We aim to help students develop as flourishing individuals whose character does not depend simply upon the conditions of their cultural, political, economic or social circumstances.

Following the Christian Liberal Arts tradition we affirm that in Christ human nature is freed and that every person may discover the standards of truth, beauty and goodness, which provide objective values for life. With this knowledge, we hope to arm our students with the ability to transform truth, beauty and goodness into real and creative contributions of their own.

Boston Trinity Academy’s curriculum is developed so as to provide a structure in which students may discover the value inherent in all disciplines. Beyond practical benefits students may find in their studies, we hope that they will also find enjoyment in them for their own sake, as well as for what they reveal about the world in which we live.

We hope to educate students to be individuals who:
  • Are ready and able to join a conversation and be changed by it
  • Have resilience in the face of difficulties
  • Maintain a willingness to take risks, stand up for what they believe, and defend the weak and innocent.